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iBrent It's All About Mobile!

Do you own a smartphone? Maybe one of those new fangled Android or iOS devices? Have you ever thought about creating apps for those devices? Well, Adobe has released the next generation in Flash and Flex development with their new CS6 editions of Flash Professional and Flash Builder 4.7. I'll be posting an entire video series on how to create content for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry Playbook. I'm maintaining a list of tutorials here (the list keeps getting longer). Check back often for new videos and project files.

Check out my latest videos:

Mobile Project files

Most of the video tutorials have an accompanying project file. I've tried to list them based on their video title. Please don't sell these files or try to pass them off as your own. You're free to learn from them and expand on the ideas presented. Besides, they're not that great anyway. ;-)

Archived tutorials

You may be saying to yourself, "Self, I've been to this site before but where are all those cool tutorials that used to be here?" Well, you can find all my previous video tutorials on my YouTube page here.