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UMap AS3 and Flash CS4 Part 2 Here I follow-up on part 1 and show you how to add markers to the map, as well as change map providers. You can download the fla file here. Leave questions or comments here.

Be sure to click the "FullScreen" button to see it in HD. I'm beginning to like this Jing embed player. I'm really digging the fullscreen feauture that shows the video at 1 to 1 pixel ratio.

UMap and Flash part 1UMap AS3 and Flash CS4 part 1. Here I show you how to use AFComponents UMap AS3 map component with Flash CS4 (also works with Flash CS3). Part 1 explains how to set up the basic map, how to add navigation controls, and how to skin the nav controls. You can download the fla file here. (Reminder: You need to download the UMap component from AFComponents separately). Watch the tutorial in widescreen format here, and leave questions or comments here.

Archived Tutorials

Skin Tree component Flash 8: Skinning the Tree component Click here to learn how to skin the Tree component, and understand how to skin the other Flash 8 components. You can download the sample files here.

MovieClip or Button Flash 8: Create your own button or use a Button component? Click here to see the comparison of creating your own MovieClip button, or using the pre-built Flash 8 Button components.

Introduction to JSFL Flash 8: Introduction to JSFL Click here to find out about the awesome extensible options available through JSFL. Extend the Flash IDE to be more productive today! You can download the traceBitmap.jsfl here.

Cool tool for JSFL Flash 8: Cool tool for JSFL Click here to learn about a cool tool for testing JSFL inside the Flash IDE.

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